The Budhi Foundation was born as an entity that adopted the Beamazon program, created in 2008 in response to the problem of indiscriminate felling of trees in the Brazilian Amazon, as in other parts of the world.

Today, the Beamazon project has become a benchmark for awareness raising in the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon because it is the only project that offers indigenous communities to grow as a civilization by making an intelligent management of the jungle without any type of dependency. of governments or private capital. You could say that this is a megaproject of consciousness. Enter the link and find out about being great initiative.

The social purpose of the foundation is to provide information S.E.O (Sufficient, efficient and timely), in all social and business training projects that are carried out.
We have designed two major training programs: Beamazon and Coaching 5.0. Within the coaching training program we offer: Companies 5.0 and People 5.0 Both with a comprehensive training aimed at both labor and personal needs and priorities.
The Budhi Foundation is headquartered in Colombia and represented in Spain and aims to expand knowledge in a globalized way. We have a team of collaborators that little by little is growing over the years.

Look at the interview with the president of the Budhi Foundation about what we do? And what is our vision about transpersonal training?