The Foundation that originated as Budhi and adopted the BeAmazon project, was created in 2008 in response to the problem of the indiscriminate felling of trees in the Brazilian Amazon, and in other parts of the world. Today the BeAmazon project has become a benchmark of awakening of consciousness in the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon to be the only project offering indigenous communities the opportunity to grow as a civilization by intelligent management of the forest without any financial dependence on governments or private capital. You could say that this is mega-coaching project .

The social purpose of the Foundation Budhi, has specialized in NEUROPEDAGOGY (MIND, BRAIN AND EDUCATION SCIENCE) Following the research of the Director of the Institute for Teaching and Learning at San Francisco University of Quito, Dr Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa PhD.

This method if Neuropedagogy is extrapolated from classrooms in schools and universities to companies and individual, by providing optimization tools in mental processes that enhance the ability of making executive decision, communication, understanding the environment, creativity and learning of human beings. In the past 2000 years, the struggle for survival (currently competitiveness in the labor market) has disconnected us from our inner child, nature and the universe giving way to the use and adaptation of the limbic system leading to destructive emotions as fear, sadness, anger which over the years has resulted in depression, guilt, phobias, traumas and loss of love of life. It is shown that when we remain in “fight mode”, our limbic system is the one who takes control of our behavior leaving behind neuronal connections in the neocortex and prefrontal lobe which help us to be less reactive and more cooperative. When the body is fighting for survival and mentally we feel constantly threatened, we stop growing biologically, the cellular energy and the blood will concentrated in the center of the body and limbs preventing to have deeper mental processes that help us understand around us.

Based on the current social context, we designed two Awakening of Conscienceness projects; BeAmazon and Coaching Custom projects for people who wish to undertake a journey into the self and personal success. Within the coaching program are two large groups: Companies 5.0 and People 5.0 (The 33 Steps) Both proposals offer, according to its public, and complete learning program directed to the labor and personal needs and priorities.

Budhi Foundation is a member of the Academy of Neuroscience and Education (ANE) and we offer tools for companies and individuals who wants to learn about the development of consciousness.  This tools are supported by the latest international neuroscientific research counting as scientific sources, Nobel prizes and the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

Most members of the Budhi Foundation have in one way or another gone through many destructive states, leading to a saturation of pain that has helped to raise small moments of consciousness. That is our starting point, the desire to provide adequate, efficient and timely information only to those who request it and are willing to work on themselves.

Within training programs for the development of individual or group consciousness we use maieutics (the method that Socrates used to teach his students) to support our coaching sessions, conferences and workshops.

The Budhi Foundation is based in Colombia and Spain and aims to expand knowledge globally.