Companies 5.0

“Leaders stand out for how they increase the self-esteem of their staff. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can achieve”.                Sam Walton

Founder of Wal-Mart and Sam’s stores.

The concept of COMPANY 5.0 is the redesign of Industry 4.0. In these moments of history it is not enough to be the last in technology and social networks. No the new business and labor paradigm tell us that we need to pay more attention to:

  1. Invest in people instead of maximizing profits.
  2. Model of collaboration and not of competition.
  3. Management of the spirit of the work teams. Betting on personal charisma.
  4. Transformation from boss to leather.
  5. Attitude of service, adding social, environmental and sustainable values.
  6. Emphasis on equal pay for men and women.
  7. greater job inclusion for the handicap people helping develop their individual potential.
  8. Companies that are inclusive with their workers.
  9. Neuroscience and consciousness applied to the business model.

This change will imply a new model of thinking. An expansion of the mental field and a new intellectual state of both managers and workers.

Are you ready to implement it and see your company grow dramatically?

Below we propose a training program designed exclusively for companies with a broad vision of the future. If there really is a commitment to managing social change, this is your opportunity to show i to society and leave a positive mark.

Conferences and workshops

  • Leadership 5.0: The new paradigm in business..
  • Managing emotion in decision making.
  • Neuromarketing.
  • Purchase decisions.
  • Happiness and productivity.
  • Conscious companies.
  • Neuroscience to fitness and coach.

2 and 4 hours talks. (M – F) Science and the awakening of consciousness come together to offer a new model of professional and personal working


  • The company: A new neural network.

16 hours of intensive training (weekends). We offer 100% applicable neurocientific bases for companies,  professionals, leaders, executive and sport coaches.

Diploma / Chair

  • Management and happiness.

360 hours training (9 months) We will teach you, the professional, the entrepreneur and the manager to achieve the 40 steps that separates you from success. During the training you will learn to materialize all your goals, growing internally and helping to grow those to whom you are responsible.

The 40 credits of this diploma will be validated when you decide to do the Certification T.T.E.P (Transpersonal therapeutic efficiency program) The diploma in Management and Happiness will be worth as a year of T.T.E.P