Neuroscience to improve sports training


Doing Flow in a temple in Angkor, Cambodia at dawn.

I will tell you next how in 90 days I managed to make three people of different ages and physical states manage to make complex figures of Tacfit, from the study of his brain and how to put the mind to work at the service of the body.

Two months ago I went to Colombia to give a series of lectures and seminars on neuroscience applied to daily life and development of consciousness, two topics that we discussed in a training program at the Budhi Foundation: Coaching 5.0

During my stay in Bogotá and Barranquilla, I tried to maintain the training I had been doing in the last two years. My training is C.S.T (Circular Strength Training) better known as Tacfit.

For those who do not know this training system, which in a short time has become part of my philosophy of life together with the development of consciousness, Tacfit is a method of body training created by Scott Sonnon in the USA and in Europe his representative is Alberto Gallazzi. Both propose a series of exercises where the body is prepared with efficient and effective exercises seeking an injury-free job at an “almost” military intensity.

With no Tacfit Box near the house, I decided to go to the park every day at 5:00 am and do my own routine with Intu.Flow, Tacfit and Prasara Yoga exercises previously learned with my coaches Samuel Torres and Victor Tellez in Madrid.

Every time I went to my routine, there were curious people who filled me with questions about what I was doing. Within these curious were added three relatives (Najem 14 years, Melisa 20 years, Miguel 26 years) who decided to join my routine. My perception was that the two days they were going to stop accompanying me by the force of will that this requires, but to my surprise it was not so. So, I used to do a little experiment and apply my knowledge of neuroscience, consciousness and Tacfit to my “followers.” Having different activities each, we decided to spend the training by the end of the day 8:00 pm

This is where the story begins.

The motivation of my cousins ​​was to learn how to make the complex figures I once posted on social networks when I was in Vietnam. But they never thought that they would enter into a study of their own brain and how it can help increase the performance of the body in physical training sessions.

Najem, Melisa and Miguel are completely different body composition and that was my biggest challenge to me being a practitioner and not an instructor (due to lack of time and work commitments I have not yet been able to certify myself in Flowfit). The best way to accompany my cousins ​​and try to balance their body and mental work so that each one was able to be in accordance with their age and initial physical limitations was something I had only put into practice with myself.

Every time I explained a technique (push plank, tripod, facing dog, spinal rock) I told them what the goal was, what parts of the body were involved, the limitations that were going to work and, above all, how the brain reacted before, during and after each exercise.

The first day they were all very motivated. Their levels of Dopamine and Acetylcholine (neurotransmitters present in learning processes) were high because of the curiosity and the desire to learn something new, something different, but above all, they had the illusion that they were the “only ones” who were training Tacit in the city.

Things I had very present with my Tacfit-Baranquilla team before, during and at the end of each training session:

  • Level of consciousness
  • Level of motivation
  • Level of concentration
  • Level of learning
  • Classes of neurotransmitters present in each workout
  • Mental state of each and their emotions.

Before being in that situation of “Team Leader chosen” by consanguineous grade, had prepared a small conference of 20 minutes in the opening of the T-Center (Tacfit training center in Alcorcón, Madrid) where would expose the reasons for which I assure the importance of understanding how the mind works and the need for sports coaches to learn how to apply neuroscience knowledge to their training systems with their clients to provide better physical and mental accompaniment.

I have been training in the development of consciousness for 10 years, three years in neuroscience and two in Tacfit. I can say that I have tools to understand how my mind works in a physical training, which are my limitations and how can I develop my will to maintain self-motivation. That was exactly what I wanted to teach my cousins in those 90 days.

Changes from the first session.

The next day the motivation of the team had gone up (dopamine) and in spite of the stubbles that had in the whole body Miguel had verified, with his “smart watch”, that the training of the previous day had supposed a calorie burning almost superior to the one which he experienced daily in his workout in the gym with cardio routines and free weight.

I smiled at that testimony because the theory I had explained to the three of them, Miguel, had become a truth.

The training program:

  • Run for 10 minutes (cardio)
  • Tacfit and bodywaight exercises – 20 minutes
  • FlowFit, Prasara Yoga and Animal Flow Exercises – 20 minutes
  • 10 minutes of relaxation, mediation, breathing and thanks.

In the first part (cardio) the brain releases all the information that has accumulated during the day: work thoughts, muscle tension by bad postures, feelings and emotions contained. The neurotransmitter Norpinephrine begins to work after the onset of physical exercise preparing the brain to focus the new information. Already with this advanced could ask them concentration for the Tacfit technique and focus all mental and emotional attention to the routine of that day.

Then we went to the children’s area where our “tatami” for children from 0 to 10 years old was waiting for us. There the team’s brain was in full concentration and with enough expectation to put into practice the muscular and mental control required by flow, yoga and animal flow.

Entering a children’s zone was a subliminal exercise reconnecting with our child. Najem, who was the youngest of the group (14 years old) had already disconnected part of his inner strength to be in full adolescence. For both Najem and all, unlearning was a daily goal to achieve. Programming and mental reprogramming should have a direct impact on joints, muscles, and body postures.

Each exercise carried with it a reminder of what areas of the brain we were using at the time and how to make our limitations and fears slowly disappear during the session. Cerebellum, limbic system, prefrontal lobe, amygdala, hippocampus, neurotransmitters, thalamus … and many other concepts were explained time and again to arrive at processes of understanding reality, understanding emotions and understanding how our body works.

If C.S.T trainers worldwide knew the scope of neuroscience basic knowledge, they would become the living testimony to the expression of the classic Latin “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

End of training

During the last weeks two new members had visited the Tatami of Tacfit Barranquilla: Norma and Kely. Both had experienced a few routines and checked the gain of joint range, background and muscle endurance after their first session. The good thing about Tacfit is that it does not matter when you join the training, because there is always an exercise adapted to your physical capacity. (Progressions or regressions). This is how the brain works, with neuroplasticity.

Over time, Oxytocin had become more present in each workout. The emotion and affection for a new form of training, until a month ago unknown to them, was part of their cells. A feeling was strengthened among us by the effects of the neurotransmitter of love.

Najem, Melisa, and Miguel had accomplished part of their purpose; Sirshasana Pose or Head Stop which was his initial motivation, but each managed to know himself mentally and corporately.

Melisa realized that she had ease to the animal flow and routines of Flowfit. His arms strengthened without need of weights, only worked with his own weight.

Miguel found that too much exercise is not always the best option for burning calories or molding muscles. Everything is based on good technique, control and breathing.

Najem learned that with perseverance and willingness he can achieve all that is proposed, but with respect and prudence. Wanting to be better can not cloud goals. You have to enjoy the process, do not obsess about the goal.

Everyone learned that understanding the functioning of our brain, managing our emotions and expanding our consciousness is essential and imperative to be able to then control and develop the body.

Thank you team for this opportunity to verify in first person that neuroscience and physical training are completely compatible and that daily appreciation is one of the most powerful tools for the development of consciousness.

Keep up the training!

Héctor Puche