Beamazon is a megaproject training in indigenous communities in the Amazon where we employ techniques of personal, group and executive coaching in order to develop self-awareness and a training criteria to enable their decisions to grow as a civilization, and not be negatively influenced by multinational companies or government. We currently work with the Tikuna and Kokama communities.

Since 2011 we have visited more than 12 communities and indigenous reserves of which we have managed to form partnerships with Puerto Triunfo, Progreso, Nazareth and Ronda. The full list of communities we have been in contact with include: Hagia Sophia, Libertad, San José del Río, La Playa, Nuevo Jardín, Vergel, Puerto Triunfo, Puerto Alegría (Peru), San Francisco, Mocagua, Progreso, Nazareth and Ronda.

In these communities we have developed the following projects:

  • Infrastructures. Bioconstruction training project for dry toilets.
  • Project Cleansing Rainwater : Metal roofs (which oxidize) are replaced on homes making it possible to collect rainwater and ensure it is drinkable.
  • Training In technical improvements in agriculture and livestock.
  • Workshops and training for carrying bricks and tiles.
  • Health Campaign promoting the use of the natural medicines readily available in the Amazon and alternative therapies.

Los33Escalones [The 33 Steps] Los33Escalones are a series of conferences and workshops, through maieutics, we help people learn to manage their emotions intuitively as Socrates did with his disciples. We also give them tools to get rid of those habits / defects that alter states of inner happiness.

El Espantapájaros [The Scarecrow] is the Budhi Foundation’s blog which will be published relating to the search of The Art of Being. It includes phrases to think about and analyze and exercises to practice the information learned. Suggestive images will be published throughout the year to contribute to the awakening of consciousness. This blog also has a space on Facebook where we invite you to follow us and “Like”. Click on the blue link and discover our fanpage.

Piensa – Une – Crea – Vive [Think – Unite – Create – Live] : Our goal with this project is to create a database of professionals who are willing to offer their services to people who need it using the oldest form of value; bartering.