There are two ways to live life: as a lesson to learn or as simple isolated experience. Whichever you choose, both options will generate results that will shape your destiny and how you relate to everything around you.

The protagonist in The Voyage of the Elephant, Aaron Kerguelen, must decide at every stage of his life to learn from experience in order not to be doomed to repeat painful situations or continue to encounter the same stone again and again. Science, philosophy, theology, neuroscience, quantum physics and a story based on real events form this book which I assure you will not leave you indifferent.


“Provocative in his straightforward unmasked style, revealing depth of thought through the magnitude of its concepts, sincere and bare in the transparency of its language, transforming in its questions and teachings, inspiring for its authenticity: The Voyage of the Elephantreflects the dance between the mundane and the significance of every moment of our existence. A journey of self-recognition, acceptance and grandeur that calls into question old patterns and takes the mind into a world of more awareness and love. Thank you so much for sharing it.”

Nieves perez

Director of the Academy of Neuroscience and Education (ANE)


The book is presently only available in Spanish

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