People 5.0 (33Steps)

Label-ANE-30033 Steps or “Los33Escalones” (in spanish) is a series of meetings that we offer as Workshops, Chats or Seminar format where, through the methodology of training S.E.T (Sufficient, Efficient and Timely information) inspired by the teachings of Gerardo Schmedling and his School of Magic Love, we give people who want to expand their mental field, a verified and contrasted knowledge over many years in diferents parts of the American and European continent.

The teaching has three fundamental pillars of knowledge.:

  • Theology, focusing on the rigorous study of the concept of “the divinity”.
  • Philosophy as a rigorous study of wisdom.
  • Science supporting us in rigorous studies of Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience and Astrophysics.

With these three pillars, the Budhi Foundation covers a wide spectrum of knowledge, found common points that have Mysticism or spirituality, the study of Being and Science.

Our purpose with these workshops is for the student / coach to gradually become aware of his/her actions and can, at the cerebral level, create new neural connections in the prefrontal and frontal cortex area and  disconnect or gradually use his established synaptic pathways throughout his life in the limbic area. With this we achieve a greater focus on the development of human skills such as cooperation, effective communication, harmonious listening and profoundly professed mental understanding.

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Prenatal Coaching

Prenatal Coaching

Living the process of creating life consciously is one of the most sublime works of pedagogy that a woman may experience during the embrace of nine moons. The best gift for your baby is not to give life, but bring that soul into consciousness and understanding the processes of change and its consequences. You are…

E-motion Management

E-motion Management

The ideas of suffering, innocence, intelligence, happiness, pain, guilt, will be among the topics of discussion. The purpose is to create new pathways that help us to stop daily suffering.

Universal laws

Universal laws

In order to understand others, society, the world and the universe in general, we must study the laws that govern it. We ensure that by the time you reach an understanding of these laws, a window will open to the abundance and love.

Tools for love

Tools for love

When man becomes aware that guilt doesn’t exist in the universe, his whole mindset changes together with his perception of reality.

School for parents

School for parents

Did you know that a child will have received more than 100,000 denials before the age of three? If you are a parent or educator, you should be aware that you are responsible for providing a proactive positive and encouraging environment rather than one full of disclaimers and limitations that prevent development sane society.

Customers testimonials

I had the good fortune to participate in emotional management workshops taught by FB and meet two coaches with his deep knowledge, wisdom and passion to get to know the most skeptical listeners. Dynamic and surprising, not only inspiring to see problems from a higher perspective, but also thanks to its undeniable intuition encaminarte help you to your best self. You listen to them without tension, express your doubts, laugh, look around and suddenly you realize you see the world differently.

Karolina Warot, Executive Assistant

Our experience with F.B. it was excellent! We ask for recommendation services, without looking for anything in particular. What surprised us most was how they managed to engage the team from the beginning and give each person what I needed. Inspiring and very revealing.

Amaya Alonso, Director of Quirosum

A mixture of magic and professionalism that I recommend to all who wish to move on with glitter.

K. Warot

The conferences in the F.B. They are entertaining and edifying. Besides illuminating, containing, in my opinion, a good dose of therapeutic value.

Eva Montero, Clinical Psychologist

Want to know more? Write to: and requests all the information you need about Coaching for managers, professionals, groups, families and teenagers. Bet on your team!

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